The Native Plant Trail

An Audio Introduction and Self Paced Tour

Welcome to the audio for our QR codes, placed throughout the Arboretum to guide your tour.

Click the links below for introductory information on Landis, the QR program, the perennial gardens, and the herbarium.

Welcome to Landis

Narrated by Lee Lattimer.

QR Code Introduction

Narrated by Erin Breglia.

Arboretum History

Narrated by Lee Lattimer.

The Perennial Garden

Narrated by Erin Breglia.

The Herbarium

Narrated by Ed Miller.

Self-Guided Tour of the Native Plant Trail

The Native Plant trail com­pris­es almost every plant native to New York State and is orga­nized by fam­i­ly to edu­cate and assist vis­i­tors in plant iden­ti­fi­ca­tion. The col­lec­tions and trail were cre­at­ed and are cur­rent­ly main­tained by its cura­tor, Ed Miller.

The audio and descriptions are available below or you can scan any QR Code in the arboretum.

Start at the beginning or jump in any place!