Bluebirds and Birding at Landis

Landis is a birder's paradise ...

Landis Arboretum is a birder’s paradise, with deep woods, open fields, ponds and transition areas, and a diversity of plant life to attract and sustain birds. In fact, the Arboretum is a New York State Birding Trail site, an Audubon Society designated Important Bird Area, a NYSDEC Watchable Wildlife Site, and part of the Route 20 Bluebird Trail.

The Arboretum has its own Bluebird Trail which features 40 nesting boxes located throughout the grounds. Over the years we have had good success attracting bluebirds. Volunteers assist with monitoring and maintenance of the Bluebird Trail. Monitoring results are reported to bird conservation organizations to aid in scientific research and conservation efforts. The Bluebird Trail generally overlaps our established hiking trail network making most nest boxes easy to observe. Our Trail Map & Visitors Guide and the companion Bluebird Trail Map are both available on our Discover/Maps & Guides webpage to help visitors find the nest boxes.

While bluebirds do get extra attention at Landis, that does not mean that other nesting species are ignored. Our Bluebird Trail nest boxes are also used by tree swallows and house wrens, and these birds are monitored as well. Additionally, there are nest boxes designed for other bird species scattered about the property. And, of course, birds utilize whatever else suits their needs for nesting on our property whether it be natural or human-made.

Birding at the Arboretum isn’t just about nesting. There is much else to observe here year-round - watching hawks migrate from our Meeting House deck in springtime, seeing fledglings that hatched here grow up during summer, attending the Halloween Owl Prowl, and photographing our winter residents.

If you would like to get more involved with birds and birding at Landis keep on the lookout for bird-related field trips and events at our website under News & Events on the Upcoming Events, News from Landis, and Videos from Landis webpages. On our News & Events/Landis Newsletter webpage you will find bird-related articles from time to time. Listed at the bottom of this page are links to some past newsletter articles and videos from previous classes. Those seeking more detailed bird information are encouraged to visit the websites of noteworthy bird conservation organizations such as The Cornell Lab of Ornithology, North American Bluebird Society, New York State Bluebird Society, and the Audubon Society.

Important Notice Bluebirds and other cavity nesting birds may begin investigating nest locations by early spring. Between March 15 and September 15, please do not linger near any of the nest boxes or you may cause abandonment. Only Landis Arboretum staff and wildlife researchers (with prior approval) are permitted to touch a nest box.

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