The Walnut Family

Part of the Native Plant Trail


Written and narrated by Ed Miller.

The Walnut Family

A Black Walnut Tree is planted near the trail. This tree provides beautiful cabinet wood and delicious (but hard to crack) nuts. Fallen leaves from this species inhibit the growth of other plants, so it is not welcome as a landscape tree. Its closet native relative, Butternut, is also here and thriving. We worried that it wouldn't be wet enough here and planted a second specimen along the spur trail. It too is thriving.

Hickory is a more common Walnut family member and we have 5 species here. The Shagbark Hickory seems to be growing fastest, but I expect the pig nut and bitternut species to do well too, once they have their tap roots down to where they like it. We also have false shagbark and shellbark hickory scattered in this area. We have tried to have two or more of each species here as the tiny seedlings did not inspire confidence that they would survive.

And some haven't! But go look for the survivors.

Ed Miller, curator, Landis Native Plant Trail, February 8, 2013