Who We Are

Our Staff and Board of Trustees


Fred Breglia, ISA Certified Arborist
Executive Director

Lee Lattimer, Office Manager

Erin Breglia, Garden Manager

Seasonal Staff

Russell Glass, Groundskeeper

Boy Scout Troop 501, The Arboretum is pleased to sponsor Boy Scout Troop 501 under the very capable leadership of Scout Master Chuck Whitman. Click here to learn more!

Board Of Trustees

Jim Paley, President
Wilma Jozwiak, Vice President
Carolyn Edwards, Treasurer
Louise Polli, At Large
Nolan Marciniec, Secretary
Chandra Burkhart
Karl Gustafson
Amy Howansky
Lee Lattimer
Jeanne Post Sourmail
Ed Radle
George Steele
Sue Tricario
Earl Van Wormer

Committee & Event chairs

Committees and volunteers are essential to the Arboretum’s work as a center of excellence in outdoor education.

Arts & Entertainment: Fred Breglia, Wendy Kass, and Jim Paley; Jim Miller, Chair

Buildings & Grounds: Erin Breglia, Craig Blevins, Shawn Bevins, Terrence Bevins, Patrick Donnelly, Ken Hotopp, Wendy Kass, Jim Paley, and Steve Perog;

Education: Anne Donnelly, Wilma Jozwiak, and George Steele; Lee Lattimer, Chair

Horticulture: Erin Breglia, Fred Breglia, Chris Cash, Ken Hotopp, Nick Miller, Ed Radle, and Nan Williams

Native Plant Trail Sub-Committee: Nick Miller and Nan Williams

Marketing: Gail Browning, Ron Ketelsen, Jim Paley, Steve Perog, and Morgan McClary; Karl Gustafson, Chair

Membership: Fred Breglia, Anne Donnelly, and Wilma Jozwiak; Sue Tricario, Chair

Plant Sale Committee: Erin Breglia; Gail Browning; Chandra Burkhart; Wilma Jozwiak; Cynthia King; Lee Lattimer; Carole Olsen; Robert Olsen; Louise Polli, Karin Savio; Sue Tricario; Fred Breglia and Amy Howansky, Co-Chairs

Communications: Erin Breglia; Fred Breglia; Gail Browning; Chandra Burkhart; Anne Donnelly, Volunteer Coordinator; Wilma Jozwiak; Lee Lattimer; Morgan McClary; and Lora Tryon; Nolan Marciniec and Louise Polli, Co-Chairs

Landis Perennial Forest 5K Run Co-chairs: Fred Breglia and David Roy

Special Events: Wendy Kass, Coordinator

Volunteer Coordinator: Anne Donnelly

Landis Historian: Lee Lattimer

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