The Honeysuckle Family

Part of the Native Plant Trail


Narrated and written by Ed Miller.

The Honeysuckle Family

Several genera of this family grow here.

The large nannyberry Viburnum lentago was here when we started the collection. All the other native viburnums have been added, including black haw V.prunifolium and downy arrowwood V. rafininequlanum. The former is quite uncommon in this area.

The several native Loniceras include three vines and the fly honeysuckle. Here also is the closely related bush honeysuckle Diervilla lonicera. We have not planted the dreaded invasive oriental species, but they are still here at a chain saw distance at several locations along the trail.

Snowberry and two species of elderberry are also here.

Ed Miller, curator, Landis Native Plant Trail, February 8, 2013