From the Garden: A Busy Year in the Garden -- and It’s Not Over Yet!

By Erin Breglia

What with the late spring snow, the summer’s drought, and marked increase in humidity, it has been a challenging year for the Arboretum’s Garden Club -- and it’s not over yet!

In the spring, the Landis Arboretum Garden Club members created containerized educational display gardens along the front of the barn with fun themes, ranging from “Kids Garden” to “Tea” and “Salsa” gardens. We also started a kitchen garden along the front of the Library-Greenhouse complex, but it was nearly decimated by a hungry bunny in early summer. The plants it didn’t eat flourished, and we were able to harvest many culinary herbs, as well as peppers, tomatoes, squash, and cucumbers. Next spring, we hope to expand these gardens to include medicinal plants.

In June, the club hosted a public presentation about soil science by Landis’ Executive Director Fred Breglia. This eye-opening discussion taught us how vital a healthy soil ecosystem is for our planet.

The club also enjoyed a day of touring two local gardens in July. We stopped at Arboretum trustee Nolan Marciniec‘s home in Johnstown. We saw several different rose beds and two mature bur oaks started from Landis acorns. There was also an expansive vegetable garden and a perennial bed featuring many native plants – most purchased at Landis plant sales.

Next we stopped at Old Fort Johnson, where we were greeted with homemade lavender cookies, herb-infused goat cheese and crackers, and an herbal iced green tea. We also had a tour of the Fort and its newly renovated 18th Century garden with Director Rachel Bliven.
At this time of year, the late blooming perennials in the Arboretum garden, monkshood (Aconitum), bush clover (Lespedeza), Japanese anemone, and autumn crocus (Colchicum), make it easy to forget the late spring frosts and those hot humid summer days.

The club will meet in late October for the third annual Garden Gab, a gathering to “cuss and discuss” our gardens. This gabfest is always full of energy, sweets, and gardeners who enjoy discussing successes and failures, and sharing knowledge and suggestions.

Between now and then, enjoy Landis’ fall gardens and the colorful landscape that make our region inspiring to so many gardeners – and consider joining the Garden Club. For more information, email me at

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Fall 2016

Volume 34 , Number 4

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