Spotlight on Sponsors: Southside Beverage

By Gail Browning

What do South­side Bev­er­age and the Lan­dis Arbore­tum have in com­mon? Sam McClary, man­ag­er of South­side Bev­er­age, is proud that, like Lan­dis, South­side has made a name for itself as a des­ti­na­tion”. Cus­tomers flock from all over the North­east to peruse an exhaus­tive inven­to­ry of beer, cider, and mead.

A prospec­tive cus­tomer will be amazed at the size of Southside’s facil­i­ty at 1451 Route 5S in Ams­ter­dam and the vari­ety of the choic­es – over 1000 kinds of beer, cider, and mead from about 200 brew­eries. New York State craft beers are very well rep­re­sent­ed with a fan­tas­tic, curat­ed list avail­able cold 247 in the walk-in cool­er. Any­one remem­ber Schultz and Doo­ley adver­tise­ments for Uti­ca Club beer? Not only does South­side sell Uti­ca Club beer, but the orig­i­nal Schultz and Doo­ley steins are promi­nent­ly dis­played! Beers from all over the world are avail­able; Czech, Ger­man, Ital­ian — you name it, they’ve got it. 

South­side Bev­er­age is a spon­sor of Lan­dis’ 2022 5K For­est Run, an off-trail race for run­ners of every lev­el and one of the Arboretum’s most pop­u­lar events, now in its 16th year. 

Sam McClary

Pri­or to own­ing a home of his own, Sam vis­it­ed the Arbore­tum as a retreat and a loca­tion to enjoy his hob­bies such as bird­ing and plant identification. 

The Lan­dis Arbore­tum is an amaz­ing resource which pro­vides the pub­lic oppor­tu­ni­ties to spend time in nature and learn about their local envi­ron­ment,” Sam said. It’s impor­tant to sup­port com­mu­ni­ty orga­ni­za­tions who enrich and embody all that this area has to offer, which is why I’m proud to have South­side Bev­er­age spon­sor the For­est 5K.”

South­side Bev­er­age is a full-ser­vice redemp­tion cen­ter and has recent­ly resumed its sam­pling pro­gram. Select beers will be poured on Fri­days from 3 to 5 p.m. Sat­ur­day and Thurs­day sam­plings are also in the works. When it comes to beer, South­side Bev­er­age has it all. Stop by and #drink­some­thingdif­fer­ent!

Summer 2022

Volume 40 , Number 2

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