A Message from the Communications Committee

By Nolan Marciniec and Louise Polli

In these uncertain times, it is no surprise that the events at the Arboretum have been cancelled through the end of June, as recommended by the governor’s policy on reopening. We will apprise our Arboretum friends of any changes to the Landis schedule online on our website and Facebook page and by a Constant Contact mailing.

The good news is that the Arboretum remains open to visitors, dawn to dusk, and that we have had an unprecedented number of guests during the current health crisis. We ask that you practice social distancing and wear a mask when approaching others.

Landis has been hard hit by the financial consequences of cancelling programs and our Spring Plant Sale, and we would appreciate any support you can provide.

The Communications Committee has decided to take this opportunity to bring you a special Summer 2020 issue of the newsletter. It contains some of the best articles from the past 20 years. In it you will find a memorable mix of articles about the people, the plants, and the events that make the George Landis Arboretum a very special place. Check out the introduction to each article or vintage photo to find information on the date of its original appearance in our newsletter, and enjoy the walk down memory lane. Current features such as this issue’s “We Appreciate” article by Gail Browning about the Boy Scouts, and our memorial tribute article to recently deceased Anne Jaster, also appear.

Summer 2020

Volume 38 , Number 2

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