The 2015 Landis Perennial Forest 5K Walk / Run: What a Day!

By Wilma Jozwiak

The weath­er could not have been more per­fect for the 9th run­ning of the Lan­dis Peren­ni­al For­est 5K

Eighty-five run­ners and walk­ers from age five through 80-years-young set the woods a‑ringing with their foot­falls across the pas­tures and through the woods at Lan­dis on Sat­ur­day, August 8th. Zac God­frey of Gloversville set the pace as the over­all win­ner with a time of 19.16.736, and Lin­da Beebe of North Blenheim won for the women with a time of 25.29.490. For full results includ­ing all run­ners and walk­ers and win­ners by age ranges, vis­it our web­site at www​.lan​dis​ar​bore​tum​.org.

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Fall 2015

Volume 33 , Number 4

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