Propagation Update

By Cynthia King

One of the great delights of gar­den­ing is jump-start­ing spring.

The Arboretum’s prop­a­ga­tion room and equip­ment have been ster­il­ized and the prop­a­ga­tion team is already seed­ing plants and trans­plant­i­ng seedlings.

Sev­er­al unusu­al veg­eta­bles are being grown that will add inter­est and eat­ing excite­ment to your veg­etable gar­den. They include Kali­bos,” a pur­ple cone-shaped cab­bage; Paul Robe­son,” Amish paste,” and Super­sweet” toma­toes; ori­en­tal egg­plant, col­or­ful Swiss chard, and baby bok choy. Basil, pars­ley, cut­ting cel­ery, and horse­rad­ish will all be available.

The team also hopes to have sev­er­al vari­eties of native plants.

Dona­tions of plants from mem­bers’ gar­dens need to be received two weeks before the sale date. They can arrive pot­ted or bare root. If mem­bers would like to donate and need help divid­ing plants, please call Cindy King before April 11

Dona­tions of 4” plas­tic pots would also be appreciated.

Con­tact Cindy King at (518) 3968563 or baroness371@​capital.​net for ques­tions or to offer donations.

Spring 2016

Volume 34 , Number 2

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