Attention, Please: FINAL Notice

We at Lan­dis are grate­ful for the time and mon­ey donat­ed by our com­mu­ni­ty friends and fam­i­ly. We are also thank­ful for items donat­ed to help us con­tin­ue our envi­ron­men­tal com­mit­ment. Below are a few of the items on our FINAL (Fun­da­men­tal Items Need­ed At Lan­dis) list:

  • A Pow­er Point (LCD) Projector
  • A 4×4 pick­up truck in good run­ning condition
  • Gar­den­ing tools that are in good shape; trow­els, scis­sors, pruners, rakes, shov­els, gloves
  • An elec­tric start snow blow­er in good run­ning condition
  • Gift cards to Sta­ples and Office Depot for var­i­ous office supplies
  • A met­al scrap­per” inter­est­ed in tak­ing a large heavy met­al desk out of the Farm­house office
  • A 50” or larg­er flat screen TV (plus wall mount) to be used in the Meet­ing House for edu­ca­tion­al programs

Spring 2020

Volume 38 , Number 1

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