Pruning - The Basics and Beyond!

Date: Jun 9, 2023

Time: 9:00 AM

Location: The Library

Registration: Members: $20/person; non-members: $35/person

Join Fred from 9:00 AM to noon as he delves into the most up to date concepts and methodologies regarding the when, why, and how of pruning trees and shrubs. All skill levels welcome. This two hour course will provide a discussion of all things pruning, as well as a hands-on demonstration in which Fred will show how to make accurate cuts. Please bring pruning shears - a component of the class will include instruction on sharpening pruning tools to maintain an optimal cutting edge. PRE-REGISTRATION BY JUNE 6th IS REQUIRED FOR THIS CLASS.
Instructor: Fred Breglia, executive director, Landis Arboretum, and ISA certified arborist

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2023 Pruning: The Basics ... and Beyond
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