The BrokenHearted: A Tom Petty Tribute - Landis Full Moon Concert Series September 2024

Date: Sep 13, 2024

Time: 7:00 PM

Location: The Nicholas J. Juried Meeting House at Landis

Registration: Members and non-members: $10.00. Kids 12 and under, free!

The BrokenHearted – Tom Petty tribute band, has a goal to produce the “vibe” of a Tom Petty show. Johnny insists he is not Tom Petty, but rather a really big fan who loves the music. I believe many will disagree when Johnny takes the stage. The best part is, the band members seem to be having a blast up there on stage. They seem to be the best of friends. As a band they want you to enjoy the performance. They are entertainers. They promise you a good time. If you’re a Petty fan, and who isn’t, you will enjoy the show. [From "NYS Music" by Stephanie Bartik]. Click here to sample their music

The Meeting House has some of the best acoustics around, as well as a deck and a patio to enjoy a bring your own pre-performance dinner. Come even earlier and enjoy a walk around our wonderful Arboretum fields and forests. For more information, contact us at or 518-875-6935.

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