Big Sit Bird Watch

Date: Oct 13, 2024

Time: 6:00 AM

Location: The Nicholas J. Juried Meeting House Deck at Landis

Registration: Members: Individuals $5, families $15; non-members $15, families $25

Join us for the Big Sit Bird Count. the Big Sit is a birding event started by the New Haven CT Bird Club where birders are challenged to find as many birds from one spot in one day. It's been called "tailgate party for birders". We will be observing from the deck of the Meeting House starting at 6 AM hoping for owls and going on till 6 PM. You can join for the whole twelve hours or come and go as you please. Our tally will be submitted via Ebird and we'll see how the Arboretum fares against other Big Sit sites around the world. Partial funding for this class provided through a grant from Stewart’s Shops Holiday Match Program.

Instructor: George Steele, nature educator

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Big Sit Bird Count
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